Tuesday, 8 April 2014

HTML and CSS Tutorial for Beginners

Welcome to this tutorial on HTML and CSS for beginners. In this tutorial, you will learn basics of HTML and CSS that can be used to build stylish web pages.

Here is the list of main topics we will cover in HTML and CSS tutorial.

  1. HTML Introduction - What is HTML, HTML standards,Editors, Simple HTML page, Browsers.
  2. HTML Basic terms - Element, Tag, Node, Attributes, Comments
  3. HTML Page Sections - Head, Body
  4. Formatting tags - Basic tags, Links, lists, box, layout, frames
  5. Multimedia Tags - images, audio, video, Canvas, Svg
  6. Advanced Tags - Tables, Forms
  7. Special Characters - Html Characters, Math operators, Currencies
  8. HTML Colors - color codes, Names, Values
  9. CSS - what is css?,  adding internal style, inline style, external style  
  10. CSS BOX model - Border, outline, margin,Padding
  11. Css Positioning - Floating, Alignment
  12. Basic CSS - texts, fonts, links, lists, tables
  13. Css Borders - color, style 
  14. CSS background 
  15. CSS animations
  16. HTML, CSS and Javascript Basics

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