Saturday, 21 May 2016

Filming in India

Filming opens door to lot of career opportunities.
Filming involves below stages.

  1. idea/story/script 
  2. Casting - Hiring actors/musicians/directors
  3. Recording scenes
  4. Consolidating scenes and editing
  5. Distribution and marketing

As you can see from above steps, any film starts with the idea or script. If you want to become a successful film maker, you will have to put below elements in an Indian film.

  1. Good story/ realistic story
  2. Great music
  3. Climax
  4. Action and Drama
  5. Funny moments

Case study of Marathi film - Sairat

Sairat is a marathi film directed by Nagraj Manjule. He hired all new faces as actors in his film. But still film created history on box office due to realistic story and funny moments in it.

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