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Final Year Projects based on Android

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Background -
Final year project is a very important assessment test. Historically many people preferred to do final year project in Database management system as mentioned below.

  1. Inventory management system for any business like medical shop, retail store etc.
  2. Blood Bank management system
  3. Hospital Management system
  4. Hotel Booking system
But with the advancement in the technologies like Android, Big Data, Data Mining with Mongo DB, Cloud computing, Hadoop, Windows Azure, Google Cloud platform and Amazon's cloud services demand for projects based on these technologies is also growing.

In this article I will talk about how you can develop the final year project based on above project ideas especially Android. Please note that anyone studying in final year in computer engineering or IT can find this article useful.

Final Year Project Ideas based on Android.
As we know that Android is a very popular mobile operating system developed by Google. Now a Days there is a huge demand for mobile application developers. We can develop many kinds of applications using Android technology.

As Android is based on the Java language, It will be good to have a Java knowledge. Below is the list of some of the project ideas that you can think upon.
  1. GPS Tracking
  2. Phone call management
  3. Text to Speech Coversion
  4. SMS management
  5. Email management

Let me elaborate on above topics. Android provides APIs to work with GPS. GPS stands for global positioning system which is used to find the exact location of the device capable of receiving GPS Satellite signals. We can develop apply this technology in many applications like tracking of Vehicle, tracking of the friends or any person. Using GPS APIs in Android we can find the location of the device and send this data to server. On the server we can process this data and broadcast this information to Administrator.

For example - Due to security reasons, many transport companies are using GPS technology to track their vehicles. Vehicles are fitted with the GPS enabled device which receives the GPS signals from the satellites and sends this data to the server. At server side, Administrator can monitor real time location of the vehicle.

Android also provides APIs to manage the phone calls. If you want to block some phone number, you can develop the app using TelephonyManager API. You can also develop apps that can convert the text into Speech.

If you are interested in any of these projects, you can write to me at to get more details.

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