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What is Provident Fund? How to check PF balance and withdraw it?

EPFO is a Indian government entity which runs 3 schemes for the benefit of employees working in private and public sectors.

  1. Employees' provident fund scheme
  2. Employees' deposit link insurance scheme
  3. Employees' Pension scheme.
Example -

In your salary slip, you may have observed that there is one section which says PF amount deducted.
This amount is usually 12% of the basic salary. This is called as employee's contribution to the PF (EE Amount) . Employer also makes same amount of the contribution to the fund. This is called as Employer's contribution to the PF fund (ER Amount).
As shown in below image, you can see the PF No highlighted in yellow colour.
You can also see that the Basic salary of the person is 26800 and so the PF amount that is deducted is 12% of the it.

EE and ER amount
12% * (26800) = 3216. This is EE amount.

Employer also deposits same amount into your PF account. 

So total PF amount deposited into the PF account is = (2*3216)

ER amount is the partial amount deposited into PF account from employer's contribution.
Please note that ER amount is not exactly 12%.

Employer's contribution = ER Amount (Approx 9%) + Pension (Approx 3%)
3216 = 2675 + 541

Checking PF Balance.
You can check your current PF balance from the PF website.

To check the PF Balance, click on third link and fill PF account details. You will get SMS with details of the PF amount.

Withdrawing PF balance.
To withdraw PF amount, you will have to submit 2 forms found at link.

  1. Form 10 C
  2. Form 19
Please note that you will have to submit above forms to previous employer at the time of resignation. It is the employer's responsibility to send these forms to PF office on behalf of you after 2 months of your resignation.

You usually get your PF money back to your account via NEFT in instalments.  

Checking PF withdrawal claim status.
You can view the claim status at below  link.
You need to select the PF office state and establishment code in first step.

You can fill the account number as shown in below image.

Downloading PF passbook
To download the PF passbook, you can visit the link
Passbook shows all the details of PF account as shown in below image.

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