Sunday, 1 February 2015

English words for Indian Birds

Please find below the list of birds in India with their names in Marathi.

  1. Duck - (Badak in Marathi)
  2. Sparrow - (Chimni in Marathi)
  3. Parrot (Popat in Marathi)
  4. Pea cock (Mor in Marathi)
  5. Hen (Kombadi in Marathi)
  6. Crow (Kawala in Marathi)
  7. Crane (Bagala in Marathi)
  8. Ostrich 
  9. Owl (Ghubad in Marathi)
  10. Kingfisher 
  11. Woodpecker 
  12. Eagle 
  13. Goose
  14. Stork
  15. Cuckoo - (Kokila in Marathi)
  16. Pigeon - (Kabutar in Marathi)

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