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English words related to clothing and attire

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the most commonly used words used to describe clothing or costume.

  1. apparel - clothing
  2. attire - specific garment or typical outfit
  3. bathing suit - clothes worn while taking a bath
  4. bed clothes - clothes worn while sleeping
  5. blazer - it is a kind of formal coat
  6. bikini - women inner wear including bras
  7. shorts - Half-pant
  8. skirt - Woman wear covering waist and extending up to knees.
  9. sneakers - Shoes
  10. swimsuit - clothes worn while swimming
  11. bloomers - woman inner wear covering private parts. Also called as short pant
  12. blouse - woman wear. It is a kind of top.
  13. turban - Cloth worn by Sikh people on the head
  14. uniform - Typical fixed dress of the school or any other entity.
  15. veil - used by Muslim woman to cover the Face.
  16. top - woman apparel that covers neck and extends up to waist.
  17. tie - Men formal apparel that hangs from the neck. 
  18. trousers - Men formal pant
  19. button down shirt - Shirts having buttons
  20. coat - the apparel worn over formal shirt usually during office work
  21. frock - Woman apparel that covers entire body from neck till knees or ankle.
  22. sari - Indian women apparel that covers entire body. Usually used with blouse
  23. scarf - apparel used by women to cover face aimed at protection of face from dust and smoke.
  24. shawl - Squared thin blanket wound over body.
  25. dress - Outfit - attire
  26. jacket - Men wear used for different purposes like improved stylish look, protection from cold waves or winds etc.
  27. costume - Typical outfit of the group of people living in particular region.
  28. gown - Women wear covering entire body. Easy to wear and take off than Sari
  29. raincoat - coat used to protect from rain.
  30. sweater - Thick shirt used to protect from chilly weather.
  31. Jeans and T-shirt - Casual wear used while going on parties or vacation.

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