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English words related to Car and bike parts and accessories

Car and Bike related English Words are given below.

  1. hood - the front panel covering and protecting bonnet of the car.
  2. bumper - External frames of the hood.
  3. bonnet - The core part of car including engine under hood
  4. mud flap - fitted on the rear side of wheels to block the mud
  5. muffler - 
  6. windshield - the glass in front of the driver seat 
  7. windshield wiper - Plastic rods used to wipe the windshield
  8. Steering - Used to take turns and maintain the balance of the car.
  9. Seat Belt - used as a safety precaution to remain stable and steady in case of collision.
  10. Arm Rest - 
  11. Power windows - Windows that can be lowered or raised using power switch
  12. Doors 
  13. Hand Brakes
  14. Clutch
  15. Gear Box
  16. Roof Rack - Bars on the roof of the car meant to carry luggage.
  17. Bottle holders - to keep bottles
  18. Horn
  19. Speedometer
  20. Charging Point
  21. Boot - Trunk - Dicky - Main storage compartment of the car. It is usually located at the rear end of the car.
  22. Sun roof - the opening in the roof of the car for ventilation purpose.

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