Sunday, 1 February 2015

English words pertaining to the weather and climate

You will use below words to describe weather or climate of specific day or region.
  1. Summer - heat wave - drought
  2. Rainy Season - cloudy - downpour - drizzle - humidity
  3. Dust storm - cyclone - breeze - winds -Thunderstorm - lightning
  4. Winter - fog - poor visibility - cold wave - dew - snowfall - chilly days
In summer, we usually experience the heat wave and hot breezes. Sometime if it does not rain, we may face drought like conditions. Water levels in dams and rivers decrease to very low levels. Scarcity of water leads to water cuts and water shortages.

But if we get adequate rains, water level rise and lush green fields captivate wildlife. Cyclones, storms, heavy winds and Cloudy days are followed by drizzles and downpours. We also experience humidity in the air during rainy season. Rainbows, thunderstorm and lightnings are very common during rainy days.

Winter follows rainy season. Fogs spread all over the city leading to poor visibility. Dense fogs usually hamper all modes of transportation. Cold waves, dew and snowfalls drives people crazy during chilly days.

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