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Anyone can earn money on Youtube (Internet)? Really!! 😊

Hello friends,
If you have come to this article, you have come to the right place. After reading through this page, your life may change upside down (Not instantly but with patience and hard work)

Making money on Internet

Most of us know that we can earn money on internet by following ways.
  1. Blogging
  2. By making websites
  3. By writing the books
  4. By making technology video courses and uploading on Udemy
  5. Buying and selling on amazon or flipkart
  6. Making videos and uploading to Youtube
Most of the people think that only people who know English can earn money on Internet. That's a misconception. Even if you are not technology expert or do not know English, you can make lots of money on Internet. Out of the above options, easiest option to make money is Youtube. You need minimal knowledge of English and Technology to get started with Youtube.

How you can make Money on Youtube?

Youtube is the biggest video platform in the World and operated by one of the largest company in the world - GOOGLE. When people watch youtube videos, advertisements are displayed along with Videos. When users click on videos, Google gets money from Advertisers. Google then pays certain portion of money to publishers (Also called as Youtubers). 

To earn money on Youtube, you need to do 3 things.
  1. Create Youtube account
  2. Record videos using your phone or any Camera
  3. Upload and Monetize the video on

Inspirational Examples of Youtubers

Now I am going to put some facts before you which might change your life. Priya is a Youtuber since 2016. As of Sep 2017, she has over 10k subscribers on her channel Priyas Lovely Kitchen. Estimated monthly income of Priya's Lovely Kitchen is so much that she can easily buy a scooter with her monthly earnings. She makes videos on recipes in Hindi. Another channel Sagar lifestyle and reviews which is based on travel, australian life and product reviews is also making a killing on Youtube. This guy also makes videos on Hindi and he is also earning pretty good amount of money on Youtube. There are many other regional channels in Marathi, Tamil, Telugu that are worth mentioning but you can also find out them on Youtube. So the thing that I want to highlight here is that you do not need to know English or Technology to make money on Youtube.

Okay Now How to get started with Youtube

Before you jump in to Youtube world, let me advise you about one thing. Do not join Youtube just for the purpose of earning money. If you really love doing something, have a passion for doing something, then only come to Youtube. Another thing I want to stress is that you will need lots of patience to start making money. So be relaxed and focus on your topic of interest.

Choosing topic for Youtube channel

Everyone has got some skills. For example - Sachin tendulkar can not be a good software engineer but he is a top class international cricketer. A good farmer knows about all methods of cultivation very well than a engineer or doctor. Good cook knows when to add yeast and when to add baking soda. Housewife knows how to do household works very well than a working woman. Clothes trader has insights about his own business. Electrician knows how to fix mixer, fan, refrigerator, washing machine but accountant may not know about it at all. So the thing that I want to highlight here is - Everyone has got his or her own skills and expertise in their own field. Some people study engineering but have passion for Motor racing or Cars. So I would advise you to choose the topic that you are interested in. Do not choose the topic based on someone else's channel. Find out what your interests are and start making videos on it. Making money should be fun not force!! Remember that language is not barrier!!

Here is the list of some of the suggestions for topics.

  1. Modern Farming
  2. Natural medicine
  3. Cooking
  4. Food reviews
  5. Health related
  6. Gaming
  7. Baby related
  8. Re-enactment
  9. Stock Market and Finance
  10. Restaurant reviews
  11. Car and Bike reviews
  12. DIY solutions - Changing tyres, fixing cycle chain
  13. Beaty parlour
  14. Fashion and Lifestyle
  15. Home decorations
  16. Party ideas
  17. Comment trolling
  18. Street interviews
  19. Growing kids
  20. Kids toys reviews
  21. Online tutions
  22. Dancing classes
  23. Village lifestyle - Festivals, Marriage, Parties, Cricket
  24. Sports
  25. Laptop and mobile repairing
  26. Political News
  27. Technology News
  28. Pranks, Acting, Comedy and Mimicry
  29. Village dialects
  30. Prefession related - Teaching, Medicine, Doctor, Engineer, Software
  31. Travel vlogs
  32. Reviews of various products
  33. Culture related - Country/State
  34. Any subject - History, English, Maths
  35. Pets and Animals
  36. Drones
  37. Motor vlogs

Next step - Open Youtube Account!! It's free😊

Well now that You have decided on topic, go ahead and create your Youtube channel on If you have a Gmail account, you can use that account to log in to Youtube. Because Youtube is the subsidy of Google. After creating an account, you need to create an adsense account and link it with Youtube.

Start making the videos

Making a video is an art. To make a good video, you will need 5 things
  1. Good script (Content)
  2. Nice camera (You can use smartphone but if you want the best quality videos, you may want to buy DSLR camera or Point and Shoot camera or GoPro camera)
  3. Good microphone (Every camera has got built-in microphone. You can use built-in microphone but again if you want to create quality content, you will have to buy professional microphones)
  4. Video editing software (Most of the videos need editing before they can be uploaded to Youtube. You can use Movie maker in Windows or iMovie in Mac. Both are free to use.) Other popular video Editing softwares are Camtasia, PowerDirector, Final Cut pro, Filmora, Sony Vegas, Adobe premier.
  5. Good light
  6. Laptop with good RAM (Minimum 4 GB)
  7. Tripod
Here I am giving amazon India links to some of the popular equipments to start with Youtube. Below set up is recommended for beginners.

  1. Camera - Nikon D3200 
  2. Tripod - Photron Tripod
  3. Lens   - Nikon Lens
  4. Microphone - Boya Omnidirectional Microphone
  5. Laptop - Lenovo G50 Laptop

If you have a more money to invest, you can go for professionals equipments as mentioned below.

  1. Camera - Canon 80D or GoPro Hero5 Action Camera or Canon Powershot G7X or Sony handycam HDRCX405 Recorder
  2. Tripod - Photron Steady Tripod 
  3. Lens   - Canon Kit Lens
  4. Microphone - Rode Microphone or Samson USB or Blue Microphones Snowball
  5. Laptop - Dell Inspiron 5558
  6. Lights - LimoStudio 700W or Flashpoint 14" Fluorescent AC Powered Dimmable Ring Light
  7. Backdrop - Green BackDrop 

Uploading the videos on Youtube

While uploading the video, you will have to provide the video title. You need to provide catchy title and description. This is helpful for SEO (Search engine optimization). Description is optional but it is recommended to give good description. You can also monetize the video, add end screens and annotations. But again this is optional. Finally you can publish the video.

Monitor the growth of your channel

You can monitor the growth of channel by going to Creator Studio as explained in below video.

What do you think on this topic? Please express your opinion or ask any question through comment below. You can write to me at

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