Friday, 11 August 2017

Bajra bread or roti recipe | Maharashtrian Bajarichi Bhakri | Millet Bread

Bajra bread recipe - Maharashtrian Bajarichi Bhakri recipe

Bajra Roti or Millet Bread

Ingredients required to make the Bajra Bhakri

Here is the list of ingredient to make Bajra Bhakri
  1. Bajra Flour
  2. Salt
  3. Warm Water

Steps required to make the Bajra Bhakri

  1. Add water and salt and Bajra flour
  2. Knead and make the dough
  3. Make small balls and roll the wraps
  4. Cook the wraps on pan
  5. After cooking for 1 minute, apply water on one side of the wrap
  6. Then again cook for 1 minute on low flame
  7. Then cook directly on the flame

Watch video on how to make Bajra Bhakri or Millet bread

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