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Burrito recipe | Mexican recipe

Burrito recipe 

Burrito is a Mexican recipe. Guzman Gomez food chain offers burritoes in their menu.

Ingredients required to make the Burrito

Here is the list of ingredient to make Burrito
  1. Kidney Beans
  2. Garam Masala
  3. Ginger garlic paste
  4. Salt
  5. Oil
  6. Tomatoes
  7. Lettuce
  8. Onion
  9. Carrot
  10. Tortilla

Steps required to make the Burrito recipe

  1. Boil the kidney beans
  2. Saute the chopped onions and Kidney beans along with garam masala, ginger garlic paste and salt and oil.
  3. Cook rice.
  4. Take one tortilla and add layer of kidney beans
  5. Then add the layer of rice
  6. Then add the layer of grated carrot, lettuce, tomato and Cheese
  7. If you want non-veg Burrito, Add the layer of fried chicken
  8. Wrap the tortilla in Cylindrical shape and serve
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