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English Words related to doctors

In this article, we will have a look at different English words related to doctors.
Take a look.

  1. ENT specialist - Ear, Nose, Throat specialist
  2. Gynaecologist - Doctor for Woman illnesses
  3. Paediatrician - Doctor for children
  4. Dermatologist - Doctor specialized in Skin diseases.
  5. Opthalmologist - Doctor for eye disorders
  6. Orthopaedist - Doctors expert in Bones and joint related injuries 
  7. Cardiologist - Doctors specialized in Heart related malfunctions
  8. Neurologist - Doctors expert in Nerve and branches injuries.
  9. Psychologist - Doctors expert in human nature 
  10. Dentist - Doctor specialized in teeth related malfunctions.
  11. Gerontologist - Doctors expert in elderly health issues
  12. Anesthesiologist - Doctors specialized in anesthesia
  13. Cosmetologist - Doctors trained in beauty 
  14. Gastroenterologist - Doctors trained in digestive system
  15. Nutritionist - Doctors specialized in food and nutrition.
  16. Dietitian - Doctors expert in dietetics.
  17. Oncologist - Doctors expert in Tumors.
  18. Radiologist - Doctors using imaging like X-rays to diagnose and treat diseases.
  19. Rheumatologist - Doctors trained in arthritis and related disorders.
  20. Pathologist - Doctor expert in diagnosing of the illness using lab results.

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