Friday, 30 January 2015

Manias in English

Mania means obsession with something or great desire or passion to do something.
Below is the list of various manias. Below list is not comprehensive but will definitely help you get used to some of the words related to Manias.

  1. Kleptomania - Desire or obsession to steal something
  2. Monomania -   obsessed with single thought
  3. Xenomania - Passion to have foreign things
  4. Trichotillomania - Pulling one's own hairs
  5. Pyromania - Obsession of fire 
  6. Technomania - Craze for technologies
  7. Politicomania - Obsession of political things
  8. Photomania - Excessive affinity of light
  9. Phonomania - Obsession to kill people.
  10. Phagomania - desire to have excessive food.
  11. Mythomania - Excessive desire of lying
  12. Musomania - great fond of music
  13. Hydromania - huge affinity towards water
  14. Egomania - filled with excessive ego
  15. Arithomania - desire for mathematical calculations

We can use the word mania to express passion to do or have something. For example - If you like to spend lot of time on Facebook, you may be called to have mania for Facebook.

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