Friday, 30 January 2015

Words related to killing of people in English

There are many words in English that are used to describe the killing or murders.
Let's have a look.

  1. Suicide - Killing of self
  2. Uxoricide - Murder of one's own wife
  3. Sororicide - Killing of one's own sister.
  4. Fratricide - Assassination of one's own brother
  5. Patricide - Killing of one's own Father
  6. Matricide - Killing of one's own Mother
  7. Parricide - killing of one's own parents
  8. Nepoticide - Killing of one's own nephew
  9. Filicide - killing of one's own son or daughter (Kind of Prolicide)
  10. Avunculicide - Killing of one's own uncle
  11. Mariticide - Killing of one's own partner.
  12. Homicide - Murder of any person
  13. Infanticide - Killing of a infant.
  14. Genocide - Killing of specific group of people bound by religion, caste etc.
  15. Regicide - Killing of king
  16. Familicide - killing of all members of family.
  17. Senicide  - killing of old people in the family to avoid taking care of them.

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