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English words related to house and interior

Here is the long list of words pertaining to the house.

  1. AC - Air Conditioner - Used to maintain the air in the room warm or cold as per the need
  2. Basement - It is the area of building where parking space is available under ground
  3. Bathroom - used to take a shower or bath
  4. Bathtub - used to lay in the tub while taking a bath
  5. Bedroom - room where people go to sleep
  6. Broom - House appliance used to sweep or clean the floor and wall
  7. Dust Bin - Trash Can - Garbage is dumped in dust bin temporarily.
  8. Carpet - Kind of thick cloth used to cover the floor
  9. Ceiling Fan - Fan fitted to the ceiling 
  10. Floor - walking area of room
  11. Table Fan - Fan that rests on the table or floor
  12. Window Grills - metal rods built inside the frame of the window.
  13. Chimney - used to exhaust the cooking smoke out of the room
  14. Exhaust Fan - Purpose is same as Chimney
  15. Washing machine - Used to wash and dry the cloths
  16. Column - Pillar used to support the higher floors of the building.
  17. Cupboard - used to keep cloths, documents 
  18. Curtains - Drapes - used to reduce the amount of sunlight entering the room.
  19. Window - Used for ventilation purpose
  20. Dining room - the area in the room where people gather for having food.
  21. Dish washer - The sink used to wash the soiled plates and utensils
  22. Wash Basin - Sink - used to wash the hands
  23. Refrigerator - used to keep the food items in cool place
  24. Shelf - used to keep books or utensils
  25. Door - used to prevent the unwanted people entering the house as a part of security
  26. Doorbell - It is fitted near the entrance of the house to alert the people inside house to open the door.
  27. Doorknob - Handle fitted on the door to open the door easily with grip.
  28. Door eye  - Fitted at eye level on the door to view who is standing near entrance outside of the house.
  29. Entrance  - the area or main door through which we enter the house.
  30. Drawing Room - rest room where family gathers to hold discussion or watch TV
  31. Sofa - furniture like couch used for seating 
  32. Fence - Compound wall around house or building
  33. Furniture - Beds, chair, sofas, beds used for seating or sleeping
  34. Fuse box - Main electrical point powering light in your house
  35. Garage - area where cars are parked and repaired.
  36. Fire Extinguisher - the tool used to douse the fire
  37. Garden Shed - the structure erected in the garden for seating
  38. Gate - structure near the main entry of the building. It acts like a barrier.
  39. Heater - Used to heat the water to make it warmer.
  40. Hinge - metallic object used to fit the door in the frame 
  41. Door frame - Outer rods of the door.
  42. Kitchen - the area where cooking is done.
  43. Knife - part of cutlery used to cut the vegetables or fruits
  44. Gas Stove - Utensil used to heat the pots while cooking.
  45. Gas cylinder - Used to supply gas to the gas stove.
  46. Ladder - the home appliance used to reach to the higher area like shelves 
  47. Lamp - used to spread the light in the room
  48. Laundry - area where cloths and linens are washed
  49. lock - Used to close the door securely to prevent thefts.
  50. loft or terrace - open space that extends from the main room.
  51. Flower pots - Vase - used for decoration purpose in the hall.
  52. Mailbox - used to store the mails outside of the house.
  53. Mirror - used to check that we have dressed well and looking good with reflective image.
  54. Mop - used to wash and clean the floor.
  55. Plumbing
  56. Pantry
  57. Porch and portico - extended structure of the building 
  58. Hand Rails
  59. Roof
  60. Room
  61. Shingle
  62. Shower
  63. Shutter
  64. Stairs
  65. Stoop - Small stairs leading to entrance of house
  66. Yard 
  67. Threshhold
  68. Throw rug
  69. Toilet
  70. Vacuum Cleaner
  71. Vent
  72. Venetian blinds
  73. Wall
  74. Water Heater
  75. Window Sill
  76. awning
  77. Baluster
  78. Bunk Bed
  79. Carport - Parking shade for car - Garage
  80. Closet - Furniture with small compartments to store things
  81. Crib - Bed with high sides for small baby up to 2 years of age.
  82. Dormers - Structure of the building that comes out of the sloping roof.
  83. Downspout - Gutter - Pipe meant to carry excess water from the roof or terrace of the building. Also called as waterspout, down pipe or Drain pout. 
  84. Drain pipe - Duct - Pipe originating at sink or wash basin to carry the waste water.
  85. Driveway - road or route meant for driving a car
  86. Walkway - road or route meant for walking
  87. Entryway - way leading into the house
  88. Dustpan - Cleaning utensil used along with broom to carry waste or garbage.
  89. Eaves - Edges of the roof that extend beyond the wall of the building
  90. Electrical Outlet - Electrical box meant to supply electricity through plugs
  91. Tap - Valve - Faucet - used to release the water
  92. Fence - compound for the building
  93. Fuse box - Main electric point 
  94. Gable - Triangular portion of the wall meeting sloping sides of roof.
  95. Hamper - Basket with handle used to store food, cutlery 
  96. Utensils - knives, forks, pots, vessels, spoons, toothpick, jar, frying pan
  97. Tongs - utensil used to grip and pick up the food items
  98. Tea-kettle
  99. Glass - pot used to carry water.
  100. Plate, Bowl, pie cutter
  101. Funnel
  102. Ladle - Serving spoon
  103. Grinder
  104. Mixer
  105. Rolling pin - used to make roti
  106. Salt Shaker
  107. Scissors
  108. Scoop - used to serve ice-cream
  109. Sieve - sifter - used to filter the liquids like tea, fruit juice
  110. Spider - used to take out solid food items from the liquid
  111. Chopsticks
  112. Skewer  - thin rod used to bake food with barbecue
  113. lawnmower - Grass cutting machine
  114. Newel - pole that supports hand rail or spiral stair case rail
  115. amphitheater
  116. assembly hall
  117. bungalow
  118. cabin
  119. meeting room
  120. gallery, terrace
  121. roof
  122. floor
  123. dome
  124. pantry
  125. tower - high rise - skyscraper
  126. storehouse - warehouse
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