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English words related to various professionals

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the important occupations or professions.
  1. Archaeologists - Experts who study human past things based on things left behind
  2. Historian - Experts who study history 
  3. Mathematician - Experts who work on mathematical problems
  4. Philosopher - Person who studies philosophy
  5. Geographer - Experts who study geography and environment
  6. Biologist - Experts who study living things 
  7. Physician - Doctor who diagnose and treat the patients
  8. Paleontologist - Experts who study of fossil remains
  9. Veterinarian - Doctors of Animals
  10. Software Engineers - Experts who can develop and test the software
  11. Web Designers - Engineers who can design the web sites
  12. Software Programmers - Experts who can develop software programs
  13. Astronomer - Scientists who study planets, moon, sun, stars
  14. Chemists - Expert who studies chemistry
  15. Geologists - Experts who study Geology
  16. Meteorologists - People who study meteorology and atmosphere
  17. Airplane pilots - Experts who fly air planes
  18. Ship Captains - Experts who sail the ships
  19. Fire fighters - Experts who douse the fires
  20. Carpenters - Experts who can make furniture
  21. Electrician - Experts who work in electrical things
  22. Plumber - Experts who work in fittings 
  23. Cops - Policemen
  24. Social Worker - People who work for the welfare of the society.
  25. Politician - People who engage themselves in political activities.
  26. Accountant - Experts who deal with accounting and tax field.
  27. Farmer - People who work in farm and grow crops
  28. Journalist - People who write for the newspapers and news channels.
  29. Advocate - Lawyers who work in law system
  30. Architect - Experts who design and plan building or infrastructure like roads, bridges etc
  31. Press Reporter - People who cover various news for news channel.
  32. Actor - Person who acts in films and TV shows
  33. Musician - Person who composes music
  34. Singer - Person who sings songs
  35. Choreographer - Person who instructs the dancing steps.
  36. Dancer - Person who dances 
  37. Teacher - Person who teaches in schools, colleges

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