Thursday, 28 May 2015

C#.Net - Tutorial for Beginners

In this tutorial, you will study about below topics.

  1. Installation of Visual Studio
  2. Visual Studio IDE
  3. Managing extensions
  4. Managing packages using NUGET PACKAGE MANAGER
  5. Data types in C#.Net
  6. Object oriented concepts in C#.Net
  7. Handling date and time in C#.Net
  8. Comparing currency amounts in
  9. Generating random number or string in c#
  10. Random rand = new Random();    long randnum2 = (long)(rand.NextDouble() * 9000000000) + 1000000000; MessageBox.Show(randnum2.ToString());
  11. Handing files in C#
  12. Verifying the pdf files
  13. Developing console applications
  14. Developing desktop applications
  15. Developing web applications
  16. WPF and WCF in .Net
  17. Designing web Services in C#.Net
  18. Building and Deploying the applications
  19. Testing application using C#.Net - Specflow
Useful Resources are given below
  3. multiple matching binding found when going to the defination of steps in feature file
  4. Assert.Inconclusive failed. One or more step definitions are not implemented yet.
  5. specflow is not showing the successful assertion output . 
  6. How to dump data into report in specflow

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