Thursday, 28 May 2015

Microsoft testing tools

Microsoft provides many testing tools in Visual Studio IDE. In this tutorial, we will see what all tools are provided by Microsoft and which ones can be used in your projects.

  1. Unit testing framework
  2. Test Manager
  3. Team Foundation Server
  4. Test Explorer
  5. Coded UI
  6. Specflow
  7. Gauge
Before we jump on to the testing tools, let us first try to understand the visual studio editions and IDE features that could be very useful in day to day work.

Microsoft Visual Studio Editions
  1. Express Edition
  2. Community Edition
  3. Ultimate 
  4. Professional
  5. Enterprise
  6. Test Edition

Microsoft Visual Studio IDE
Now let us understand the IDE for Enterprise edition.

Microsoft Unit testing framework
Now let us understand the unit testing framework provided by Microsoft.

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