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Articles (Definite and Indefinite) in English Grammar - a, an, the

Here is the list of articles in English Grammar.

  1. Definite (the)
  2. Indefinite (a, an)

1.Definite Article - The
"The" is used before the noun which is unique.
For example -
the sun, the moon.

We also use "the" to refer to specific noun.
For example -
the book (placed on the table) , the ball (we are playing with).

We do not use "the" in front of names of Cities, Countries.
We do not say the Indiathe Australia.
But we say the United States, the United Kingdom.

2.Indefinite Article -a, an
"a and an" are used before the noun which is general.
For example -
a man, a pen etc.

We use "an " in front of nouns that start with vowels.

For Example -
an apple, an illusion.

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