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Modal verbs in English Grammar

Here is the list of modal verbs in English Grammar
  1. can/ to be able to - used to express the ability to do something
  2. could  - used to request something, also used to express possibility.
  3. may/might - used to predict something.
  4. would - used to offer something, also used to tell something in past, likelihood
  5. should, ought to - used when something is necessary to do.
  6. must/have to/got to/need to - used when there is compulsion to do something.
  7. Need not  -  used when there is compulsion to avoid something.
Examples on Modal Verbs.
  1. I can drive a car. (Ability)
  2. He is able to fix the issue (Ability)
  3. Could you please help me? (Request)
  4. It could rain today. (Likelihood)
  5. I may attend a party (Likelihood/ uncertainty)
  6. You should study very hard (It is necessary that you study hard)
  7. We must go on a trip. (compulsion)
  8. You need not come to my house (You do not come. It is unnecessary)
To describe habits or past routine things, we can use below constructs.
  1. I used to play cricket
  2. I would play football
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