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Relative pronouns in English Grammar

Below is the list of relative pronouns. These are used in relative clauses.
  1. who, whoever, whosoever 
  2. whom, whomever, whomsoever 
  3. whose, Whosesoever
  4. what, whatever, whatsoever - What refers to non-living things or abstracts.
  5. which, whichever, whichsoever  -  which is generally used when choice is available. 
  6. that
  7. there 
Examples on Relative Pronouns
  1. I met one boy who seemed to be in shock.
  2. whoever (whosoever) wants to participate in event should contact organiser.
  3. I asked her whom I should take my query to.
  4. He will ask same questions whomever he meets
  5. She asked whose plan it was to visit Pune.
  6. Whosesoever id card is missing will be banned
  7. I was not happy with what she was doing.
  8. I will help you whatever
  9. Do whatever you want to do
  10. He did not study at all (whatsoever)
  11. I bought a car which was very expensive.
  12. Select whichever color you like.
  13. I got a letter that mentioned the steps I need to take to apply for a Visa.
  14. There is a park.
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