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Degrees of adjectives - positive, comparative and superlative

We can use degree of adjectives to compare the things.
There are 3 degrees of adjectives.
  1. Positive - He is a tall boy
  2. Comparative - Sagar is taller than priyanka
  3. Superlative - Amitabh is the tallest actor
We usually add er at the end of the adjective to get its comparative form.We usually add  est at the end of the adjective to get its superlative form.
Example - 

Poor - Poorer - Poorest
Strong - Stronger - Strongest
Tall - Taller - Tallest

With respect to 3 circles we can write below English sentences.

  1. B is bigger than A.
  2. C is bigger than B.
  3. C is the biggest.
  4. A is the smallest.
  5. A is smaller than B and C.
Irregular adjectives

Examples -
  1. We can not say - good, gooder or goodest. We say good - better - best
  2. We can not say - bad, badder or baddest. We say bad - worse - worst.
  3. little - less - least
  4. much - more - most
  5. many - more - most
  6. some - more - most
  7. far - further - furthest
  8. old - elder - eldest
To compare 2 equal things/persons, we can use construct.
Example - Suppose you want to compare Sachin with Lara. You have to also say that both are eually good. Then we can say ->

Sachin is as good batsman as Lara.

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