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Common Questions asked in Speaking section in IELTS exam

Please find below sample questions and answers in IELTS exam's speaking test.

Tell me about yourself as a Person.
My name is XYZ. I live in Pune. My native place is Baramati.

Tell me about your Family.
I stay with my wife here in Pune. My parents live in my village which is 100 KM away from here.
I have 2 elder brothers. The eldest brother is a business man. He runs the water pump shop in Chinchwad. He lives in Ravet which is very close to my place. Middle brother works in Indian Army.
Currently he is posted in Mumbai.

Do you have friends? What do they do and why do you think they are important?
I have a big circle of friends. Most of them are college friends. They are working in software companies in India and Abroad.We also have a whats app Group which helps us stay connected with each other. During college days we had a blast at many times on the occasion of birthdays, gatherings, annual functions. I am really missing those amazing days. Now it is really difficult to get all friends together as all of them living in different cities and countries. Even though we are staying away from each other, we are connected by a lovely bond of friendship.

Tell me about your Likes or Hobbies.
I like writing blogs, watching cricket, watching movies and travelling. I write about technical subjects and my personal experiences about life and travel. I have been a huge fan of Indian Cricket Team. I have been to many tourist places in Maharashtra like Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Pachgani, Goa, Malvan, Kashid Beach and Mumbai. I also like photography. I own Nikon DSLR D3200 Camera.

Tell me about your Dislikes.
I hate long journeys.

Tell me about your Educational Background.
I studied till HSC in Baramati. I passed out with distinction in SSC and HSC exams. I was good at study as well as sports. Then I moved to Pune for graduation study in computer engineering at D Y Patil COE.

What kind of job/work do you do?
I got hired in the final year of graduation course by XYZ Pvt Ltd. Since then, I have been working in IT industry for more than 7 years now. To be specific, I have been working as an automation tester.

Tell me something about your city or birthplace
My native place is Baramati. Baramati is also an abode of well known politician - Sharad Pawar. Baramati is a small town but well developed due to the efforts of Mr. Sharad Pawar. Town has got good colleges, hospitals. Roads are also in good condition.

Tell me about your typical daily routine.
I get up at around 6 AM in the morning everyday. I do exercise for 15 minutes. Then I go to wash room and take a bath. I take breakfast at around 7 AM. Then I read a news paper with a cup of tea. Then I dress up and get ready to go to office.

Tell me something about building or house you live in.
I stay in a rented house in Chinchwad. I have purchased a new house. But I have not got the possession of the flat yet.

Do you like travelling? if Yes, with whom, where, when and why?
I like travelling much. I have been to Goa.

Do you go to Gym? why?
I do not go to Gym. I do exercise at home only.

How do you take care of your health? Any hospital experience?
I have got a sound body and health. But I suffer from nose infections very often.

Have you attended birth day party or marriage party recently? How was it?
I attended the marriage of my cousin last month. It was held at Satara.

Do you have any good/bad habits? How someone can get rid of bad habit?
I do not have any bad habit.

Do you like watching movies on TV or Theatre? why? What's your favourite program?
I like watching movies in theatre. The atmosphere in theatre is electrifying with many people whistling on the entry of hero or heroine. Screen is also huge which makes the experience memorable one.

Do you read newspaper? which one? why?
I read TOI. It is one of the most circulated newspaper in India. Quality of the paper is better than any other news paper. Content is also good.

Do you like Music? What kind of Music? Why? Which songs do you like?
I like romantic songs and soft music.

What's your favourite Movie/ singer/ Sport Person/ Actor? Why?
DDLJ is my favourite movie. The acting of SRK is awesome in that movie.

Do you like veg food or non-veg food? why? What's your favourite dish?
I like both veg and non-veg food. I like surmai Thali the most.

Do you know cooking? How do you make typical Indian cuisine?
I do not like cooking. It is very time consuming.

What kind of festivals do you celebrate? your favourite festival? Why?
I celebrate Diwali Festival with much enthusiasm.

When do you shop? What items do you buy? When?
I go shopping during festival season. I buy cloths for myself and family. I also purchase some gift items for my relatives.

What kind of clothes do you wear?
I like to wear jeans the most.

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