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Document check list for Skill Assessment by ACS in Australia

Skill assessment is required if you want to apply for any skill category visa in Australia.
Many skills are in demand in Australia.

You can find which skills are in demand at below page.
Skills in Demand and Assessing authorities

To assess your skills in your field, there are different organizations in Australia that can help you.

For example -
If you are a software tester, your skills will be assessed by Australian Computer Society (ACS).
If you are a civil engineer, your skills will be assessed by Engineers Australia.

In this article, I am just writing about document check list for skills assessed by ACS.
ACS makes assessment of skills in below categories.
  1. Multimedia Specialist
  2. Web Developer
  3. Software Tester
  4. Software and Applications Programmers nec
  5. Database Administrator
  6. ICT Security Specialist
  7. Systems Administrator
  8. Network Administrator
  9. Network Analyst
  10. ICT Quality Assurance Engineer
  11. ICT Support Engineer
  12. ICT Systems Test Engineer
  13. ICT Support and Test Engineers 
Here is the list of documents that you will have to upload on ACS website to get your computer skills assessed.
  1. Certified copy of birth certificate or passport
  2. Certified copy of Education (Degree Certificates and Transcripts or Mark sheets)
  3. Skilled employment references (Containing details like company, duties, duration, full time or part time job, country etc.).
Most of the multi national companies (including India) do not mention the duties of the employee in the experience letter or certificate. In such case, you need to furnish affidavit or statutory declaration by your supervisor stating your job responsibilities. A registered advocate can help you prepare this affidavit.  

Please make sure that you note below points.
  1. Scan the certified copies in PDF format.
  2. Consolidate all pages into single pdf for particular Degree or Employment.
  3. Size of PDF files should not be more than 3 MB.
  4. All certified copies should be signed by legal authority. Also the date and name should be written near stamp.
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