Monday, 17 November 2014

How to get 189-Skilled Independent Visa for Australia?

Australia immigration department provides different kinds of visas for working professionals.

What is 189 Visa?
189 visa is a skilled independent visa which allows non-Australians to live and work in Australia upto 5 years. Many Indians apply for this visa. Professionals from many sectors in huge demand in Australia.

Who can apply for 189 Visa?
Anyone who meets below requirements can apply for this visa.

  1. You must have a score of 60 points in Points based test.
  2. Get a score of min 6 in IELTS all sections.
  3. Aged between 18 and 50.

What are the steps to apply for 189 Visa?
Please follow below steps.
  1. Get IELTS (General English Test) Done.
  2. Find your skill code at 
  3. Get Skills assessed through
  4. Submit Expression of Interest (EOI)
  5. Wait for invitation through skill select program.
Once you have got the invitation to apply for visa, you can submit your visa application.
You can find more information at 

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