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English Grammar Tutorial

English is the most widely used language in the world. In this article, You will go through different lessons to understand English language grammar.

English Basics
  1. English Alphabets 
  2. English Vocabulary (fruits, vegetables, colours, building, house, kitchen......more)
  3. English Sentences (Subject + Verb + Objects)
Parts of Speech in English
  1. Verbs (used to indicate actions like run, eat, go.... etc) Auxiliary verbs, Modal verbs
  2. Nouns (names of cities, people, things, places..etc) Genders in NounsSingular and Plural
  3. Pronouns  - Personal, Reflexive, Possesive, Reciprocal,  DemonstrativeInterrogative, RelativeIndefinite Pronouns
  4. Adjectives (Words describing Nouns and Pronouns like slow, clever... etc) Degrees
  5. Adverbs (Words that change meaning of verbs like Slowly, successfully..etc)
  6. Prepositions (Words used to indicate positions like above, over, to, through, around...etc)
  7. Conjunctions (Words used to join 2 or more sentences like and, but, so....)
  8. Interjections Or Exclamation (Words used to express spontaneous feelings like wow!, oh! )
Advanced English Grammar
  1. to be forms, to have forms
  2. Tenses 
  3. Tense sub types - Simple, Continuous/Imperfect/Progressive, Perfect, Perfect Imperfect (Perfect Continuous)
  4. Articles
  5. Determiners  
  6. Quantifiers
  7. Reporting Speech
  8. Conditionals (if )
  9. Clauses
  10. Active and Passive Voice
  11. Questions
  12. Gerunds and Infinitives
  13. Figure of Speech (Simile, Hyperbole, Metaphor..)
Miscellaneous Topics in English Grammar
  1. Synonyms and Antonyms
  2. Phrasal Verbs
  3. Proverbs
  4. Idioms 
  5. Conversations and speeches on various topics
  6. Essays (My School, Best Cricketer, Home Town, Childhood Memories....more)
  7. Letters
  8. Group Discussion (Debates)
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