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Software Testing World

Welcome to the Software testing world page. On this page, you will find all the stuff related to software testing.
  1. Software Testing Introduction.
  2. Software Testing Types or methodologies.
  3. Software Testing Levels.
  4. Software Testing Life cycle.
  5. Desktop Application Testing.
  6. Website Testing.
  7. Web Services Testing.
  8. Performance Testing.
  9. Domain Knowledge of Application under Test.
  10. Mobile App Testing(IOS, Android).
  11. Agile Testing- Scrum/Kanban/Lean/XP.
  12. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI and CD).
  13. Defect Life Cycle.
  14. Automation testing and Frameworks (Test Driven, Behaviour Driven - Cucumber, Gherkin, xcode, JBehave, JUnit, TestNG).
  15. Test Management Tools(HP ALM, Test Track, JIRA...)
  16. Test Automation Tools (QTP, Selenium......)
  17. Defect Management Tools.(BugZilla, QC...)
  18. CI tools and frameworks (TeamCity, MSBuild, Jenkins, GIT, Bamboo)
  19. Software Testing Metrics.
  20. ETL Testing (Data Centric Testing - Databases and Data warehousing). 
  21. Software Testing Certifications.(ISTQB)
  22. Software Testing Books.
  23. Software Testing Professionals - Salary Survey(2014).
  24. Trending technologies - SQL, Java, Java script, jQuery, HTML5, REST, JSON, Python, C#.Net, Linux Shell, Windows Power Shell.
  25. Big Data and Cloud Testing.
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