Thursday, 13 August 2015

Top 20 English songs of all time

Here is the list of top 20 English songs of all time. Enjoy them. Have fun
  1. Michael Jackson - Thriller
  2. Michael Jackson - Heal the world 
  3. Michael Jackson - Pretty Young Thing PYT
  4. Michael Jackson - Black and White
  5. Michael Jackson - Human Nature
  6. Michael Jackson - Earth
  7. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
  8. Pitbull - Get on the floor
  9. Pitbull - Rain over me
  10. Pitbull - Give me everything tonight
  11. Rihanna - I love the way you lie 
  12. Rihanna - We found love in hopeless places
  13. Wayne- Mirror on the wall
  14. Justin  - baby baby
  15. Shakira - I dare you ..lalalalala
  16. Waka Waka
If you want to add songs in this list, please leave a comment.

What do you think on this topic? Please express your opinion or ask any question through comment below. You can write to me at

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