Friday, 28 August 2015

What is floor rise rate and base rate?

When you go to book a flat, builder will give you different rates for the flats in the same building.
There are 2 types of flats.

  1. Ground floor rate
  2. Floor rise rate
Let us consider a hypothetical scenario.
Suppose building is going to have 12 floors. Some builders will charge you 7000 Rs per sq. ft. for all flats till 4th floor and extra 25 Rs per sq.ft. for each floor above 4th floor. So if you want to book a flat on 6th floor, you will have to shell out 7050 Rs. per sq. ft.

There is no rule as such which makes builders charge you more. It's just that builders want to earn more money out of you for booking a flat at higher floor as many customers like to live higher.

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