Sunday, 14 December 2014

Building up English Vocabulary

You can use Goole translator to learn the vocabulary. Just type the sentence in your language and Google will translate it for you.

You can also use below syntax in Google search bar to know more about specific word.
define <verb>

You can also make use of to learn more on specific words. Finally you can also use the built-in spell and grammar checker available in various softwares like MS word, Google docs, Gmail etc.

Below you will find the most frequently used English words. I have grouped the words based upon the context. The meaning are also given in Marathi and Hindi.
  1. Emotions related to the Pleasant state of Mind
  2. Emotions related to Unpleasant state of Mind
  3. Good Human Qualities
  4. Bad human qualities
  5. Frequently used English words and verbs
  6. Fruits
  7. Vegetables
  8. Cereals and grains
  9. Flowers, Plants and Trees
  10. Birds
  11. Animals
  12. Doctors
  13. House Interiors, Kitchen, Buildings and Offices
  14. Phobias
  15. Manias
  16. Killing of People
  17. Professionals
  18. Commonly confusing and misspelt words
  19. English words related to Car and bikes
  20. Weather related English Words
  21. Cooking related words
  22. Clothing related words
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