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Conjunctions in English Grammar

Conjunctions are the words that are used to connect 2 or more sentences, clause or words.

Examples -

He went home and watched a movie.
In above sentence, we have used "and" to connect 2 sentences as mentioned below.

He went home.
He watched a movie.

Types of Conjunctions in English Grammar.
There are below types of conjunctions.
  1. Coordinating conjunctions
  2. Correlative Conjunctions
  3. Subordinating Conjunctions
1.Coordinating conjunctions
  1. and
  2. for
  3. but
  4. yet
  5. so
  6. no
  7. nor
Examples on Coordinating conjunctions.
  1. I went to office and worked on the software project.
  2. He went to college but did not attend the class.
  3. I opened the door and went inside.
  4. I tried to rescue the man trapped under car but failed to save him.
  5. I will develop the software in Java or .Net Language.
2.Correlative conjunctions
  1. either...or
  2. neither...nor
  3. whether...or
  4. not only...but also
  5. just as
  6. both...and
Examples on Correlative conjunctions.
  1. You can offer me either tea or coffee.
  2. You can offer me neither chicken nor fish.
  3. Whether you go to office or stay here, I do not care.
  4. I not only worked but travelled also.
  5. Both I and my brother are good orators.
3.Subordinating conjunctions
  1. after
  2. although
  3. as
  4. as far as
  5. as if
  6. as long as
  7. as soon as
  8. because
  9. before
  10. even if
  11. even though
  12. every time
  13. if
  14. in order that
  15. since
  16. so
  17. so that
  18. than
  19. though
  20. unless
  21. until
  22. when
  23. whenever
  24. where
  25. whereas
  26. wherever
  27. while
  28. since
  29. now that
  30. as
  31. in order that
  32. so
  33. whether
  34. how
  35. only if
  36. whether or not
  37. in case
Examples on Subordinating conjunctions.
  1. After I completed my education, I got hired by a software company.
  2. Although I speak in English, my native language is Hindi.
  3. I stayed at home as I was not feeling well.
  4. As far as I know, he will be back on Monday.
  5. He ran towards him as if he wanted to hit him.
  6. As long as I am there, you do not need to worry.
  7. As soon as I reached home, it started raining.
  8. I chose computer engineering branch because I wanted to become a software engineer.
  9. Before you go out, close the windows.
  10. Even if I am not expert at computers, I can guide you little bit.
  11. I registered for the IELTS exam because IELTS exam is a prerequisite to become eligible for the Visa to Foreign countries.

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