Monday, 15 December 2014

Reporting Speech in English Grammar

Many times, we need to discuss some points with someone about third person. For example - Ramesh and Amit are 2 friends. They spoke with each other entire day. When Ramesh went home, he wants to inform his father what Amit told to him. This is when reporting speech concept comes into picture.

There are 2 types of reporting speech.

  1. Direct Speech 
  2. Indirect Speech
Example of direct speech.
She said "I will go to hospital"

Now let us see the indirect speech of above sentence.
She said she would go to hospital.

Now let us see how to convert the sentence from direct speech into indirect speech.
  1. I said "I study everyday"                  -> I said I studied everyday.
  2. He said "I play cricket"                    -> He said He played cricket.
  3. She said "I am playing a cricket"     -> She said she was playing a cricket.
  4. They said "We played foot ball"      -> They said they had played foot ball.
  5. He said "I was playing tennis"         -> He said he had been playing tennis.
  6. He ordered "Run fast"                      -> He ordered them to run fast
  7. He said to me "Are you working ?" -> He said to me if I was working.
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