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English Words to express bad feelings and unpleasant state of mind

You can use below words to express unpleasant state of mind.

  1. Anger   - When you are not happy with something, you may get angry.
  2. Angst     -
  3. Anguish -
  4. Annoyance - When something irritates you, you may get annoyed.
  5. Anxiety  -
  6. Apathy   - You have no sympathy for someone who is in pain.
  7. Arousal
  8. Awe 
  9. Boredom     - You get bored when you do feel like doing nothing.
  10. Contempt    
  11. Depression   - You may feel depressed if you are going through very difficult situation.
  12. Despair
  13. Disappointment  - You get disappointed when you fail to accomplish something
  14. Disgust                
  15. Distrust               
  16. Dread 
  17. Embarrassment   - You feel embarrassed when you are in awkward situation.  
  18. Envy
  19. Euphoria
  20. Fear                    - You may fear of something when you think you may get attacked or injured
  21. Frustration          - You get frustrated when your job does not finish after several attempts.
  22. Grief                   - You are in grief when some one close to you gets injured or dies.
  23. Guilt                   -  You feel guilty when you are ashamed about something that you have done.
  24. Hatred                - You hate someone or something if you do not like it.
  25. Horror                - 
  26. Hostility
  27. Hurt                    - You may feel hurt if someone insults you.
  28. Hysteria
  29. Indifference
  30. Jealousy
  31. Loathing
  32. Loneliness
  33. Lust                     - You are lustful if you have intense desire to do sex.
  34. Outrage
  35. Panic                   - You may get panicked, if anything bad happens suddenly and unexpectedly.
  36. Rage            
  37. Sadness               - 
  38. Shame
  39. Shock                 - You may get shocked after hearing about death of someone.
  40. Sorrow
  41. Suffering
  42. Terror
  43. Worry                - You may feel worried about the results if you think you did not perform well 

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