Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Finding a skilled job in New Zealand

Getting a skilled visa for New Zealand requires you to score 140+ points in Points based system. If any employer sponsors your visa, you can easily score 140+ points.

Now the question is how potential employers will contact you if you are not staying in New Zealand?

New Zealand government has got below websites where skilled job seekers can register themselves and then employers can contact them.

New Zealand has points based system to issue visa. You need to score minimum 140 points to be eligible to get invitation to apply.

Example Profile -
Let us say you below profile.
Your age is 30. You have got a BE degree in computer science from Indian University and you have 7 years of experience in Software Testing. You have also cleared IELTS exam with 7 points in Each Band.

Your score = 105 Points =  25 Points for age + 10 Points for skilled work + 20 Points for Work Experience + 50 points for Qualification.

Thus getting a visa is not easy if you do not have a job offer in hand. Once you get a job offer, you get around 50 points increasing your score to 155. With such a good score, you will easily get a skilled visa and you could become a permanent resident of New Zealand.

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