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Synonyms and Antonyms in English

First let us understand the meaning of Synonym and Antonym.

Synonyms are the words having the same meaning.

For Example -
Happiness - delight - pleasure
Sadness - Sorrow - grief

Antonyms are the words having opposite meaning.

For Example -
Happiness  X Sadness

I will add synonyms and antonyms for commonly used words in below table soon.
  1. brave  X  coward
  2. silly  X  clever
  3. happy, cheerful,joyful  X  sad, sorrowful, grieving
  4. careful X careless
  5. worried, anxious X Unconcerned, carefree 
  6. calm  X  stormy
  7. soft  X  rough
  8. angry  X  peaceful
  9. come  X  go
  10. open  X close
  11. take  X  give
  12. praise, admire  X  criticise, scold
  13. hold  X  release
  14. front  X  behind
  15. straight  X  zigzag
  16. tasty  X  tasteless
  17. evil, immoral, wicked  X  good, virtuous, pleasant
  18. devil, demon  X  angel, god
  19. dirty  X  clean
  20. fair  X  unfair
  21. honest  X  dishonest
  22. tiny, small  X  huge, large
  23. significant  X  insignificant, trivial
  24. important, essential  X  unimportant, inessential
  25. kind, warm-hearted  X  cruel, stone-hearted
  26. fast, quick  X  slow
  27. busy  X  free, idle
  28. firm, resolute  X  irresolute, wavering
  29. difference, dissimilarity  X  resemblance, similarity
  30. lose  X  find
  31. available  X  unavailable
  32. concentration  X  distraction
  33. display  X  hide
  34. wake up  X  sleep
  35. stand up  X  sit down
  36. right  X  wrong
  37. success  X  failure
  38. acquit  X  convict
  39. agreement  X  disagreement
  40. annoy, irritate  X  please, gratify
  41. peril, danger X  safety, security
  42. start, begin  X  finish, end
  43. ignore, disregard  X  pay attention, pay heed, acknowledge
  44. refuse, reject, deny  X  accept, approve, permit
  45. build  X  destroy
  46. dry  X  wet
  47. problem, issue  X  solution
  48. nearby, close  X  far, distant
  49. save  X  waste
  50. light  X  heavy
  51. light  X  darkness
  52. move  X  stagnate
  53. more  X  less
  54. much  X  little
  55. many  X  few
  56. fertile  X  infertile, barren
  57. silent  X  noisy
  58. private  X  public
  59. ready  X  unprepared
  60. arrest  X  release
  61. turn on, switch on  X  turn off, switch off
  62. put on  X  take off
  63. online  X  offline
  64. new  X  old
  65. melodious  X  discordant
  66. pleasant  X  unpleasant
  67. Everyone  X  none
  68. trust  X  distrust, mistrust
  69. special  X  ordinary
  70. encourage  X  discourage
  71. hell  X  heaven
  72. early X  late
  73. son  X  daughter
  74. boy  X  girl
  75. man  X  woman
  76. lady  X  gentleman
  77. masculine  X  feminine
  78. black  X  white
  79. forget  X  remember
  80. clear  X  vague, unclear  
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