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Pronouns in English Grammar

Pronouns are used to substitute the nouns.

Examples -
Virat is one of the best player. He is also a good actor. He loves Anushka. She is an actress. They met each other at the Ad shoot.

Instead of using noun every time, we substitute it with pronouns like he, she, they etc.

Types of Pronouns
There are below types of pronouns in English Grammar.
  1. Personal
  2. Indefinite
  3. Reflexive
  4. Reciprocal
  5. Possesive
  6. Demonstrative
  7. Interrogative
  8. Relative

1. Personal Pronouns

I, Me
We, Us
He, Him
She, Her
They, Them

Examples on Personal Pronouns.

  1. My name is Amar. I am preparing for the IELTS Exam.
  2. Give that book to me.
  3. 4 people met me. I asked them to wait outside.

2. Indefinite Pronouns
Below is the list of indefinite pronouns in English Grammar.
  1. Something, Somebody, Someone
  2. Anything, Anybody, Anyone
  3. Nothing, Nobody, No None
  4. Everything, Everybody, Every One
Example on Indefinite Pronouns.
  1. Somebody called me and said something.
  2. Anyone can complete that task.
  3. Nobody attended the wedding ceremony.
  4. Everybody was in deep shock after hearing the news of his accident.
3. Reflexive Pronouns
Below is the list of reflexive pronouns in English Grammar.
  1. myself
  2. themselves
  3. yourself
  4. yourselves
  5. himself
  6. herself
  7. itself
Examples on Reflexive pronouns.
  1. I will solve that problem myself.
  2. They will accumulate the money themselves for buying a house.
  3. You can learn web programming yourself referring the tutorial.
  4. She cooks herself every day.
4. Reciprocal Pronouns
Below is the list of reciprocal pronouns.
  1. Each other - Use this pronoun when talking about 2 people.
  2. One Another  - Use this pronoun when talking about more than 2 people.
Examples on Reciprocal Pronouns.
  1. They helped each other to escape with minor injuries in an accident.
  2. They fell in love with each other.
  3. We all should be humble to one another.
5. Possessive Pronouns
Below is the list of possessive pronouns.
  1. mine, ours
  2. yours
  3. hers, his, its, theirs.
Examples on possessive Pronouns.
  1. There are 5 cars in the parking zone. Red one is mine.
  2. The 2 story bungalow opposite police station  is ours.
  3. That pen is yours.
  4. Android phone is hers and Windows phone is his.
  5. 2 phones are theirs.
6. Demonstrative Pronouns
Below is the list of demonstrative pronouns.
  1. this
  2. that
  3. these
  4. those
Examples on Demonstrative nouns.
  1. This is my laptop.
  2. That is my car.
  3. These books should not be kept here.
  4. Those papers should be kept in safe place.
7. Interrogative Pronouns
Below is the list of interrogative pronouns.
  1. Who
  2. Whom
  3. Whose
  4. Which 
  5. What
Examples on Interrogative Pronouns.

  1. Who is my partner?
  2. To whom should I ask this query to?
  3. Whose book is this?
  4. Which book do you want to borrow?
  5. What is your daily routine?

8. Relative Pronouns
Below is the list of relative pronouns. These are used in relative clauses.
  1. who  
  2. whom
  3. whose
  4. what
  5. which
  6. that
Examples on Relative Pronouns.
  1. I met one boy who seemed to be in shock.
  2. I asked her whom I should take my query to.
  3. She asked whose plan it was to visit Pune.
  4. I was not happy with what she was doing.
  5. I bought a car which was very expensive.
  6. I got a letter that mentioned the steps I need to take to apply for a Visa.
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