Monday, 15 December 2014

English words to describe pleasant state of mind (Expressing good emotions)

In this article, I will list down the words that you can use to express good feelings about something or someone.
  1. Affection
  2. Confidence     
  3. Contentment  - You feel contented if you are happy with what you did.
  4. Courage         - You are courageous if you are ready to face any challenging task. 
  5. Curiosity        - You are curious if you are always eager to know the roots of subject.
  6. Desire
  7. Ecstasy           - 
  8. Excitement 
  9. Gratitude        
  10. Humble, Modest - You feel humble when some one gives you compliment.
  11. Generous             - You are generous if you always help someone in need.
  12. Happiness            - You feel happy when something happens that you desired.
  13. Hope
  14. Interest 
  15. Joy                       - You may feel joyful if you do something that delights you.
  16. Passion                
  17. Pleasure        
  18. Pride                    - You feel proud about yourself after accomplishment and admiration.
  19. Love                    - You love someone/thing if it makes you happy. 
  20. Pity   
  21. Regret
  22. Relief                  - You feel relieved when you get out of period of tension and stress. 
  23. Remorse
  24. Satisfaction        - 
  25. Self-confidence
  26. Shyness              - You are shy if you talk or mix with people very rarely.
  27. Surprise              - You get surprised when good news breaks out suddenly and unexpectedly.
  28. Trust          
  29. Wonder              - You feel wonderful when you are experiencing something you dreamt of.
  30. Zeal 
  31. Zest  

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