Tuesday, 16 December 2014

English words to insult someone.

We often come across some stupid people at office, at hospitals, at hotels, at stores or any public places. Sometimes we can not just bear with their behaviour.

We usually lose our temper when we need to interact with such idiots. To make them realise about how stupid they are, we can humiliate them in public.

Below is the list of sentences that you can use to teach a lesson to brainless people. Please use these sentences with caution as they may hurt the emotions of people leading to more severe altercations and bitter relationship. Be ready for the furious reactions in case you use below sentences.

  1. You are not a kid. Behave properly.
  2. Do not talk non sense, you idiot.
  3. Are you empty-headed?
  4. Are you moron?
  5. Do not cross your limits.
  6. Mind your language.
  7. Behave yourself. This is not your home.
  8. Do not you feel ashamed of what you did?
  9. Are you foolish?
  10. Are you senseless?
  11. I have not seen such a brainless person in my life ever.
  12. Did you keep your brain at your home?
  13. Are you dull?
  14. Do not make me scold you.
  15. Stay away from me.
  16. Do not cross my path.
  17. Do not anger me.
  18. Are you witless?
  19. I am not a school going child. Speak with dignity and respect.
  20. Think twice before you say anything.
  21. Do not annoy me. You will have to pay heavy price for it.
  22. Do not make me angry.
  23. You do not know how to behave in modest and humble manner?
  24. I do not want to see your face. Just disappear.
This is how you can insult any irritating person. If you have any sentence that could be the part of the above list, Please write that in comment.  

What do you think on this topic? Please express your opinion or ask any question through comment below. You can write to me at

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