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Top 50 Idioms in English

Idioms are special sentences or clauses that have contextual meaning. Literally the sentence may not have any meaning.

For Example -
To poke nose into - Meaning to interfere in someone's task without any necessity.

Mother-in-law usually tries to poke her nose into daughter-in-law's matters.

Below is the list of commonly used Idiom.
  1. to be on cloud nine - to be very happy.
  2. a piece of cake - easy task
  3. to pull someone's leg - to joke
  4. Dark horse - Ordinary person who becomes famous.
  5. to feel like fish out of water - to be in tough situation.
  6. to be in dock - to find in difficult situation
  7. to face the music - to get a scolding or rebuke for illegal acts.
  8. On pins and needles - feeling nervous
  9. to be on the same page - to agree on some point
  10. raining cats and dogs - to rain very heavily
  11. to tie the knot - to marry
  12. ball is in their court - decision is pending with them
  13. to steal someone's thunder - to steal the credit of someone. 
  14. to poke one's nose into - to interfere in some one's matter without solicitation
  15. through thick and thin - in good and bad time
  16. to spill the beans - to let the cat out of bag - to reveal the secret
  17. to put the cat among the pigeons  - to create a trouble
  18. piece of cake - very easy task
  19. have a blast - to have a good time
  20. cold shoulders - to treat with contempt
  21. bite off more than one can chew - to take lot of duties that can not be managed
  22. add insult to injury - to make the bad situation more worse. 
  23. bitter pill to swallow - accept bad situation or news reluctantly.
  24. cost arm and leg - very expensive thing
  25. white elephant - expensive thing but useless or unable to maintain
  26. to cry over split milk - to regret something that has already happened or has been done. 
  27. to put all eggs in one basket - to invest in one thing which could be very risky. 
  28. to kill 2 birds in one stone - to achieve 2 things simultaneously
  29. To miss the boat - to miss the opportunity
  30. feast for the eyes - pleasant view.
  31. to sit on the fence - Can not take decision on either side
  32. to add fuel to the fire - to make a bad situation even worse
  33. all that glitters is not gold - don't judge anything by looks.
  34. to be born with silver spoon in one's mouth - to be born in very rich family.
  35. arm and leg - lot of money. 
  36. to see things through rose coloured spectacles - to be optimistic
  37. to be in deep waters - to be in hot water - to be in difficult situation.
  38. to put someone behind the bars - to put some one in police custody.
  39. to bite the dust - to die
  40. Blood is thicker than water - family relations are stronger than any other relations.
  41. to walk the talk - to follow the words or to keep the promise.
  42. to blow one's own trumpet - to praise self or admire self.
  43. When it rains, it pours - When bad time starts, you face many perils or dangers
  44. to be in someone's shoes - to imagine to be in the place of someone else.
  45. to keep one's fingers crossed - to hope for luck or good outcome/ result
  46. under one's nose - Something bad happening in the presence of someone.
  47. to throw in the towel - to accept the beating or defeat
  48. to wash one's hands of - to stay away from the responsibility.
  49. take it or leave it - After giving advice to someone, it is his/her choice whether to accept it or not.
  50. to count the chicken before eggs are hatched - to plan many things too early
more idioms below along with their use in the sentences.

  1. to fall prey - to become a victim
  2. to rack one's brain - to think on difficult problem for a solution
  3. to make a pig of oneself - to eat greedily too much and very quickly
  4. red letter day  - important day
  5. to keep one's eye open - to be alert
  6. to pass the buck - to blame someone else for your mistake
  7. to make a mountain out of molehill - overstress, overstate, exaggerate
  8. of age - to grow adult
  9. to hit the roof - to get very angry and scream and shout
  10. reinvent the wheel - waste time finding the solution to the problem which is already solved.
  11. to raise eyebrow - to disapprove
  12. jack of all trades but master of none - trivial knowledge of many things but no expertise in any
  13. mouth watering - desire, willingness to eat food after seeing it
  14. stitch in time saves nine - right action in time can reduce more risks or issues in future.
  15. to mint money - to earn lot of money in short time.
  16. to curl the lip - to give the expression to show disapproval.
  17. to learn by heart - to memorize 
  18. to jump the light - to dishonour the red traffic signal.
  19. in the same boat - to be in similar situation or problem.
  20. to have one's plate full - to have lot of tasks to do
  21. to fall on deaf ears - to complain repeatedly to someone who does not take any action.
  22. to save the face - to do something to protect status or reputation
  23. to fight like cat and dog - to quarrel, scream and shout at each other loudly.
  24. every dog has his day - everyone has good and bad time.
  25. to build castle in the air - to imagine or plan something that can not  be done realistically.
  26. to come clean - to tell the truth
If you know any other Idiom, please write that in comment.

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