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Canada visa Guide for Skilled professionals

Many professionals aspire to work and settle in Canada, one of the most beautiful countries in the world with world class infrastructure and wild geography.
This article explores various options to get the visa to work in Canada.

Which skills are in Demand in Canada?
In Canada, below skills are in huge demand.
  1. Software Engineers.
  2. Doctors.
  3. Engineers from all branches.
  4. Skilled traders like electricians, welders and fitters.
Am I eligible to apply for Visa?
If you meet basic criteria as mentioned below, you are eligible to apply for Visa.
  1. Excellent command on English Language.
  2. Education certified by Canadian Organisation.
  3. Experience in your skilled occupation.

What is CRS - Comprehensive Ranking System?
With many application reaching at Immigration office, authorities have come up with a system called CRS which ranks the applicants based upon their scores in different categories like age, education, English skills and many more.
To know how much you score in CRS, navigate to this page.

How to apply through Express Entry?
Express Entry is the new system launched by Canada government to manage the immigration process. Eligible candidates can create their profile through Express entry and become a part of pool. Thereupon, all candidates in pool are ranked based upon their CRS score and highly ranked candidates are invited to apply for visa. To submit your profile, go to Express Entry Page. After submitting the profile, you get unique Express entry profile number and Job seeker validation code.

How to get the Canadian job offer from other countries?
Having a job offer from Canadian Employer strengthens your chances of getting the visa easily as you get whopping 600 points for the offer, which propels your score and chances to receive the ITA - Invitation to apply. People applying from India or other countries see this as the biggest challenge to grab the job offer due to geographical constraints but you can manage to get one with persistent efforts and by registering at Canada Job Bank portal. Job offer from Canadian employer is crucial for your dream of settling in Canada to come true.
Here are some links that may help you find the job in Canada.

  1. Nova scotia
  2. Job Search
  3. Top companies hiring in Canada
  4. Job Bank
  5. Eluta
How to get the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) Certificate? 
With 600 points allocated to PNP certificate , it, like job offer, boosts your chances of getting the invitation to apply. PNP certificate is issued by provinces or territories of the Canada to meet their demands of skilled workers. You can visit Provinces Page to know more about all provinces and territories of Canada. Below listed provinces do not require you to possess the job offer to apply for PNP Certificate.
  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Prince Edward Island
To view the geographical location of all provinces, click here.

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