Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How to console someone

When someone loses loved ones suddenly or someone gets seriously injured in the accident followed by death, family members are shocked and stunned. They mourn and pay tribute to the dead person. Last rites are conducted in function. Sorrow, distress, agony and pain grapple the family members.
Grieving members need support and care during the tough time. Relatives and neighbors come forward and soothe and pacify the pain of sorrowful and mournful members of the family.

You can note below points while consoling someone and offering condolences.

  1. Family members of the dead person are in deep grief. So speak mildly and slowly.
  2. Cuddle them, if situation permits, to make them feel better.
  3. Let them feel that you are with them in the time of crisis.
  4. Offer food and water to them.
  5. Express your sympathies for them.

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