Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How to convince and sell your ideas to people?

You sometimes need to convince your relatives, friends, family members to do something. Please note below points while convincing people.

1. Tell them why you should do specific thing. Its advantages.
2. Tell them how their decision is incorrect by citing some example.
3. Present the picture of the future consequences if decision turns wrong.

Example – Some people turn to criminal activities. Convincing them so stay away from such illegal activities is a challenging task. You can explain them the typical story of the criminal. Motive of most of the crimes is either money or love. Criminals hatch a wicked plot and rob some people or houses. After committing the crime, cops are informed and investigation begins. Most of the cases are solved leading to arrests of suspects. Then suspects or culprits are products in the court and trails are carried out. If they are convicted and found guilty of crime, judge announces the sentence which may rang from 10 year imprisonment to life imprisonment to death. After realizing the mistake and hearing the sentence, criminals starts feeling regretful. They repent and remorse. But they cannot do anything except serving the sentence behind the bars. The moral of the story is that crime ruins the life of criminal. This story might help you convince the people to abstain from immoral activities.

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