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Sensational murder cases in India

India has witnessed many Sensational murder cases that shocked the nation. Here is the list of some of them.

  1. Aarushi-Hemraj murder case which come to light in 2008 has still remained mysterious. 13 year old daughter was found murdered in her house in Delhi. She was staying with her parents. The housemaid saw her lying in the pool of blood when she opened the door of house on the morning of 16 May 2008. Her parents were found crying near her dead body. Her father summoned the police and FIR was registered against unknown person. His father also urged police to launch search operation to nab the servant who was missing since the murder took place. Police did not take any swift action which disrupted and disordered the investigation. Inspection of the crime scene was also not done properly. Meanwhile Arushi was cremated and her last rites were carried out. The murder attracted the attention of media as well. 2 days later, the murder case look a mysterious twist when dead body of the servant Hemraj was found on the terrace. His dead body was stinking apparently indicating that murder would have occurred few days back. Talwars could not identify the body initially but later on, they recognized him as their servant. Due to the rising pressure on local police, case was transferred to the CBI. In CBI investigation, it was revealed that considering all circumstances, no one entered the house. It was an insider job. So obviously needle of suspicion pointed at parent. Parents refused and refuted all these allegations But in spite of their refutation, CBI booked them under IPC 301. They were finally sent to 10 years of imprisonment. Parent never admitted or confessed to have killed both of them during trails. CBI in its final report stated that it could be the case of honor killing. On the night of murder, Arushi's father might have seen her with Hemraj in a compromising position which could have infuriated him and he could have killed both of them in a fit of anger.
  2. Neeraj Grover Murder in Mumbai – in this case, young executive working production house was murdered, his body chopped, stuffed into bag and burned in the forests near Mumbai. The story that could be compared with the Bollywood film plot shook the entire Nation. The love triangle led to the horrible death of the victim. Maria and her boyfriend Jerome were convicted and sentenced to 3 years and 10 years of imprisonment. Maria was a struggling actress and looking for the break in TV Serial. She meet Neeraj in Mumbai and was banking on him for getting good role. On the night of 6 May 2008, she got a call from her boyfriend who was working in Navy and was in Kochi. Jerome heard a voice of Neeraj and suspected that he is in illicit relationship with Maria. Enraged Jerome took first flight to Mumbai and rushed to the Maria's house in Malad. When he entered the Bedroom, he found that Naked Neeraj was sleeping in Maria's bedroom. Both of them got into heated arguments leading to physical assault. In the fit of anger, Jerome stabbed Neeraj to death with Knife from the kitchen and took help from Maria to get Plastic bag and chopper. He chopped Neeraj's body into pieces and packed it into the bag. Then both of them drove to remote forest area on Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway and burn him.
  3. Nitish Katara Murder Case – In this case , Katara become the victim of honor killing. He was in a relationship with Bharti  Yadav – the sister of Vikas and Vishal Yadav and daughter of politician DP Yadav. Vikas and Vishal disapproved the relationship between Bharti and Katara but could not stop them from dating each other. Katara was killed on 17 February 2002 by Yadav brothers. On 16 February, all attended the wedding of common friend. At around 10 PM, Yadav brothers took Katara for a ride and never returned.  Police investigation revealed that Yadav brothers kidnapped Katara, took him to secluded place, battered him with hammer like weapon and burnt his body.
  4. Sheena Bora Murder Case - In this high profile case, Sheena - daughter of Indrani, was murdered by her own mother in a sensational manner with the help of her car driver and second husband. 
If you want me to add other cases, please provide your suggestions in comments below.

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