Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Deadly enemies of human beings

You must stay away from below temptations and enemies (sins) to remain happy.

  1. Greed
  2. Anger
  3. Envy
  4. Lust for sex

If you can manage to abstain from these evils, happiness will touch your feet. Motives behind most of the crimes lie in these evils. In an attempt to earn more money or property, people kill other. In a fit of anger, people their own reputation as well as others. Actions done in anger may cause heavy financial and psychological loss to the victims.
Out of enviousness, people defame, humiliate others leading to pain to all involved in the story. Many crimes also arise out of list for sex. Due to illicit relations, people take lives of others. Broken relations cause further damages to all family members. So it is very important and beneficial to keep away from these sins to lead a happy life.

Please remember below tips to get rid of evil thoughts.

  1. Practice yoga and meditation. This helps to keep your head and mind cool.
  2. Do not watch movies portraying violence, vulgar, indecent, lewd and obscene shots. Indulging in obscene films may poison or vitiate your mind.
  3. Be happy and pleased with what you have been offered by God. Be ambitious but do not hurt others while climbing the ladder of success.
  4. Do not cross limits in whatever you do. For example- Do not overeat.
  5. Be broad-minded, open, kind and magnanimous.
  6. Remember that you were born empty handed and would die empty-handed as well.
  7. Guard your soul and mind from materialistic world. Money, food, bungalow may please you for limited period of time. Your goal should not be to get ephemeral pleasure but eternal (perpetual and everlasting) happiness.
  8. Keep control on your organs. They are seeking something to satiate their hunger but remember that urge and impulse of these organs is short-lived.

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