Tuesday, 10 March 2015

English words to describe good human qualities

Below is the list of words that could be used to praise some one's good qualities in English.

  1. Sincere
  2. Honest - Loyal, truthful, Trustworthy, trustful
  3. dependable, reliable, 
  4. mature, responsible, self-disciplined,
  5. patient
  6. logical
  7. Composed and calm
  8. Cautious. 
  9. Intelligent – wise, educated, clever, quick-witted, outstanding, brilliant, talented, prudent.
  10. Kind – warm, open-minded, friendly, broad-minded, gentle, courteous, helpful, polite, generous, sympathetic, frank, and decent.
  11. Happy – cheerful, pleasant, vivacious.
  12. Interesting – good-humored, humorous.
  13. Cunning – tactful, smart.
  14. Keen – enthusiastic, eager, curious.
  15. Ambitious – determined, aspiring, strong-minded.
  16. Courageous – bold, brave, audacious, dauntless.
  17. Punctual.
  18. Versatile.

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