Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Categorization of Human Emotions

There are a lot of human emotions that we get to see, feel and sense in our daily life. In this article, I will analyse all emotions, their sources and remedies.

  1. Happiness (Gladness, bliss, joy, cheerfulness) – These are very common fillings. You often feel happy when something happens that you expect. You get extremely happy when you get some kind of benefit beyond your expectation. For example, if you expect to score 90% marks, you will celebrate. Moreover if you get more than 90% marks, you will be on cloud nine. Happy people feel cheerful, glad, relaxed, satisfied, optimistic, hopeful, positive, pleased, contented and fulfilled.
  2. Excitement – People get excited when partying with loved ones and friends. Excited people feel ecstatic, energetic, aroused, bouncy, nervous and perky. People watching exciting sports game often experience this feeling. They also feel excited when they are extremely happy. Happiness and Excitement are very closely related.
  3. Kindness – Such people are friendly, warm-hearted, loving, open-minded, broad-minded, sympathetic and soft. They are generous and love to help others. They are selfless.
  4. Anger – People get angry when someone tries to test his or her patience. Some people are short-tempered so a little bit of vexing is enough to make them angry. Anger usually makes people upset, mad, annoyed, wrathful, miffed, resentful, irritated, furious and raging.
  5. Scariness (Fearfulness, Scariness, Frightfulness) – This kind of emotion emerges when people feel that something harmful will happen to them physically, psychologically or financially. People grappled with anxiousness feel that something may cause damage to their reputation and status. For example – you feel worried when something does not happen as per the expectation. You feel worried if someone threatens you. Scariness usually makes people tense, nervous, anxious, jittery, frightened, horrified, petrified, terrified and panic- stricken. For example – suppose you are robbed at knife point, you feel scary and terrifying. You may get scared after hearing shocking news which may further sadden you. So scariness and sadness are very closely related to each other.
  6. Sadness (blue, gloom, sorrow, grief) – If your desires are not fulfilled or if you lose something or someone precious to you, you become sad. Sadness grips, rules and clutches your mind. Enviousness and jealousness are other 2 forms of sadness. Some people feel sad when they cannot belong or possess something that they long for due to the lack of money or luck. For example – If your neighbour buys a stylish car, you may get a feeling of enviousness and jealousness. Sad people are often dejected, gloomy, down, grieved, sorrowed, saddened, depressed, distraught, forlorn and heartbroken. Sad people are called to be looking blue. For example – If you lose your wallet, you feel sad as well as worried. Sadness and worriedness are very close feelings. 

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