Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How to praise someone in English

We usually praise someone for the extra- ordinary or special accomplishment. Praising people for good work inspires and encourages them to do more. So it is a very effective motivation tool for a manager.

You can use below sentences while praising someone.

  1. Well Done!! We are proud of your great feat.
  2. We are delighted with your work.
  3. Amazing, Superb efforts deserve kudos.
  4. I am impressed with your fantastic, unbelievable and marvellous work.
  5. You are a great example for others to follow.
  6. You deserve a respect from everyone.
  7. We are fascinated with your Geniuses, brilliance and intelligence.
  8. You made It happen with sheer dedication, commitment and determination towards your goal.

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