Sunday, 8 March 2015

Transportation woes in Indian Cities

Many Indian cities have been facing serious issues related to the public transportation and private tour operators.

It has been hellish experience for most of the Indians commuting to the office by public transportation mode.

Some of the common issues faced or encountered by people are given below.
1. Delays in arrival of cabs, buses and trains.
2. Immodest conduct and misbehavior of Bus drivers and coordinators.
3. Disorganized, messy, disordered, chaotic, out of sequences  route for pick up and drops.
4. Rash driving.

Buses do not run on time resulting in delays to reach offices and homes. This leads to further issues like impact on deliveries, missing team meetings, arguments and rifts and cracks in relations with managers and so on so forth.

It is very essential that all travelers get transportation services on time. People are forced to wait indefinitely on the streets until crowded buses arrive with passengers hanging on to it.
Another important issue that is worth highlighting is the misbehavior of private cab staffers with people. Cab drivers do not intimate us before their arrival. When People confront them over late arrival, they give premeditated, planned, calculated answers like fuel got over, tire got punctured and traffic snarls. Some drivers have also been found to have been involved in rash driving which may result in accidents and risks to lives of employees. Indian public is travelling with lot of fear and panic everyday due to the possibility of accidents arising out of reckless, careless and neglectful driving.

So is this mess going to end sometime now? I am not sure if Government is going to take a strict action to curb this menace anytime soon or not but we would like to suggest, recommend or propose below solutions to alleviate, ease, lessen, assuage, moderate, soften and reduce the issue, problem or concern.
We have come up with below plan, blueprint, idea or proposal.

  1. Strict instructions should be given to the cab vendors and bus operators to follow the timings seriously.
  2. Drivers should be educated about the importance of good manner, conducts, etiquette, protocol, ethical and humble behavior.
  3. Drivers should examine and find out shortest route before starting the pickups.
  4. Drivers should not speed up the cab and should follow or observe all traffic rules.
  5. More buses and trains must be operated during peak hours when people tend to travel to and fro the offices.
  6. Better roads must be built and existing ones must be repaired removing all pits, potholes and ditches.
  7. People should be encouraged to take public transportation mode.

What do you think on this topic? Please express your opinion or ask any question through comment below. You can write to me at

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