Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Tips to handle nosy persons like managers or in-laws

In this article, I will give some tips about handling insulting, criticizing nosy persons like managers or in-laws and expressing frustration.

You can handle nosy people using below ways

  1. Hold the meeting and iron out the differences if possible.
  2. Report and escalate the matter to senior manager or HR.
  3. Disregard the comments from such people.
  4. Hit back if situation is out of control.
  5. Ask them to mind their own business.
  6. When discussion is held, highlight major incidents and bad qualities of the silly person. Explain how he tortured you.
  7. Speak up about how the cruel person harasses you.
  8. Talk about needless interference, meddling and micromanagement.
  9. Raise the points like cruelty, rudeness, arrogance, ego, hatred, annoyance.

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