Friday, 13 March 2015

How to remain fit and healthy?

What can be harmful to your health?
  1. Pollution can be harmful to your lungs, eyes, skin.
  2. Stress is another factor which may impact your blood pressure leading to heart related complexities.
  3. In case your job needs you to be sitting in front of computer for long time every day, you may suffer from back pain, sprain and eye irritation. 
  4. Excessive sweets which usually contain high calories can lead to rise in sugar level in blood which in turn may cause diabetes.
  5. No workout or daily exercise may put at the risk of obesity.
  6. Late night working may damage your nervous system and different sleeping disorders.

What are the benefits of fit life?
  1. Healthy body helps you remain happy with full of energy.
  2. Fit body keeps you away from the doctor as well as physical and mental pain.
  3. No doctor means no spending on.

You can follow below tips to remain fit and healthy.
  1. Daily exercise and Yoga.
  2. Brisk walk may do wonders by burning enough calories.
  3. Take care of skin, eyes and hairs.
  4. Get rid of belly fat.
  5. Take adequate nutritional diet-eat green vegetables full of vitamins.
  6. Delicious diet and balanced food can bring about amazing, wonderful and remarkable results.
  7. Avoid having unhygienic street food and contaminated, dirty and polluted water.
  8. Join Gymnasium.
  9. Take adequate sleep and water.

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